How Videos Enhance Your Therapy Website

Video is one of the best ways to interact with your target market if you want to grow your brand. Including videos on your websites helps your potential clients to connect with you more, which is particularly important in therapy, while building trust and engagement. Videos are a much more efficient way to showcase your business or brand, as well as provide useful information and advice to clients. 

Whether it is a short introductory video on your home or about me page where clients can get to know you, or tips and tutorials, creating videos can enhance your therapy website and should be your top priority. 

More clients are using video 

Over the years, there has been a surge in the demand for videos, with over 1.9 billion users on YouTube per month and billions of hours a day are spent watching videos. More customers are using video, so if you want your therapy business to thrive, you need to be using video and put yourself at the forefront of the industry.

It has been suggested that by simply adding videos to your website, you can increase purchases of your services by 144%. This is because videos are more personable, engaging, and digestible. Approximately three-quarters of consumers prefer video to page copy in marketing information, which is not surprising as videos are a faster and more convenient way to provide information. Consumers are more likely to watch an entire video and only scan text-based websites. 

Optimised videos help your marketing strategy

Including informative, high quality, and well optimised videos on your website can drive more organic traffic. This is because videos are now considered important by search engines such as Google, which can help your visibility and rankings and increase the chances of your business being found. Videos keep your clients interested and engage with your content significantly longer, which decreases bounce rates and helps with overall website performance and conversions as this is also favoured by search engines. 

Your videos can also compliment your marketing strategy, as the videos on your website can be repurposed across popular platforms that are currently booming, such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube which can help open your practice up to more people. These platforms are built for small, digestible videos that can help provide solutions and value.

Videos build more trust 

People buy people. With a video on your website, clients get to see a face behind the business and they get to know, like, and trust you before signing up for your services, which is particularly important for therapists as trust plays a major role in the work you do. Videos can be long or short, and provide valuable information that can serve your target audience on a day-to-day basis, which will build your credibility as well as a loyal following. 

Visual aids on your website in the form of videos can captivate your audience by sharing the personality behind the business and stand out from your competitors. As a therapist, there are many ways you utilise this and share tools and advice to help people who need it.

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