Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is the practice of improving your website’s ranking in major search engines organic listings for specific keyword phrases. Higher website rankings for those keywords in search engines correlates with increased traffic to your website and can lead to more enquiries and clients.

How Therapy Webgenie can help you

Every Therapy Webgenie website is created with SEO best practice, and upon completion, your website will be ready to be found in Google and other major search engines.

We also offer a Premium SEO service which starts with a comprehensive SEO Strategy and monthly plans as detailed below.

How we ensure your site is Google friendly

  • SSL Secured Website:
    Every website we create comes with a lifetime security certificate (otherwise known as an SSL certificate) which means all traffic to and from your website is encrypted. You will notice a padlock next to your website address in the browser.  SSL is very important not only because it is a ranking factor to Google, but because it instills trust in visitors that visit your website.

  • SEO Friendly URLS:
    We ensure all of the pages in your website have SEO friendly links that search engines can easily read.

  • Responsive Design:
    Our websites display beautifully across different devices from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Mobiles phones  are actually now used more than desktops or laptops so responsive  websites are crucial.

  • Build on WordPress:
    WordPress is the most popular website platform on the planet and for good reason. It’s extremely search engine friendly and highly extendable.

  • Server and Website Speed:
    Firstly, we use lightening fast servers like no other based in the UK and optimised to run WordPress. Independent tests show that hosting services load up to 48 times faster than those hosted elsewhere. In addition, we use a global content delivery network (CDN) so your website is loaded fast from anywhere in the world. We also optimise all images in your website and configure the website and hosting to work perfectly together to outperform the competition.
  • Social Media Sharing and Feeds:
    We implement attractive social media sharing buttons for others to share your website with their own community which Google sees as a vote of trust, and in turn will drive more traffic to your website. We can also embed your social media feeds making your site more dynamic.

  • Page Analysis:
    You are provided with insights and analysis for each page of your website in terms of what can be improved for search engines to rank higher.

  • Google Map:
    If you would like to display your location, we can implement an attractive map in your contact page which can help with search engine rankings.

  • Google Submission:
    Once your website is complete, approved and we have carried out the hand-over, we will then submit your website to Google after which your website will generally start appearing in Google after approximately 4-5 days.

  • Google Analytics:
    We implement Google Analytics within your website admin so you can see exactly how many people are visiting your website, which pages they  visit, how long they stay on those pages and much more. 

Our Premium SEO Service

Step 1: Bespoke SEO Strategy

We’ll build a bespoke SEO strategy for your website, identifying the ongoing level of work required. Crafting the right SEO strategy is critical for any website and this is where we excel. We’ll build you the strategy that will target your ideal customers in Google search – at all stages of the buying funnel. We’ll start by finding the right keywords with the right level of volume and achievability. After that, we’ll review your website to ensure you have the right page structure. We will also review your top competitors to see what keywords they rank for (and build these phrases into your SEO where relevant) plus identify the best ongoing link building opportunities. By building your strategy we will be able to identify what level of ongoing work is required and recommend the best SEO package you need.

Investment: £300 one-off

SEO Strategy
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Step 2: Choose a Monthly Package

Choosing the right SEO package is key to the overall success and speed of results for your website in organic search. SEO takes time; you need to ‘prove’ to Google that you deserve a spot on the first page for your target keywords. And you do this by making consistent SEO improvements month-after-month. Each SEO package we offer differs in terms of the hours we spend on your campaign, and the activities we can complete. That’s why it’s very important we build your SEO strategy first, to know what package will meet your business’s needs. Our monthly packages have a no-minimum term contract and starts after completion of the SEO Strategy.

We offer four monthly packages:

  • Bronze: £240 
  • Silver: £360 
  • Gold: £522
  • Platinum: £660

Step 3: Action Plan

Once we’ve agreed on the best SEO package for your website moving forwards, then we will get started on your SEO as soon as possible. In order to provide the best SEO for your website and achieve the best possible results, we will need to make changes to your website. For example, changes to the code or to the copy. Due to this, we will need to gain access to your website so we will require login details (if we don’t have these already). We may also require your approval before making changes – such as editing existing copy or uploading new copy – for which we will communicate with you beforehand. If you choose either the Silver or Gold packages then you will receive a monthly report which we’ll deliver at the beginning of every month.

You are paying for our experience and expertise to carry out research and analysis of keywords against competitors, architect your website structure and devise a roadmap where we carry out SEO tasks on a monthly basis for your website with a goal of improving its position on Google for agreed search terms. In other words, you are paying for our time to carry out SEO tasks and not for ranking results. We do what we say, and say what we do. Whilst we guarantee the quality of our work, no credible agency can ever guarantee any position on Google.

We do not tie you into lengthy contracts – if you wish to cancel, simply provide us with 30 days notice. SEO is an investment that takes time to grow and you will benefit the most from it the longer it runs. We therefore recommend at least 6-12 months afterwhich you can continue to strengthen your position, stay ahead of your competitors and/or target new search terms.

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the SEO work you carried out over lock down. I get a new enquiry through my website much more often (some weeks its daily) and I am really busy. I am really grateful and the result is a much happier and healthier website!

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