Perfect Imagery For Your Therapy Website

Making your website stand out from the many other therapy websites out there can be challenging. Maintaining a professional approach while ensuring your site does not look uninspiring is a difficult balance to achieve. But, making your website visually engaging is an excellent way to overcome this issue and create an inviting place for potential customers to find out more about your clinic. 

Creating a visually appealing website requires high-quality content and selecting the perfect images. If you are searching for the perfect photos to make the right impression for your clinic, the following tips will help:


Choose Interesting Imagery

To make your website stand out, you need imagery that represents your brand and captures the attention of your audience. Using the same images you see on every other therapy website won’t achieve this. Instead, you need to choose exciting imagery that elevates the look and feel of your site and brings added personality. 

When selecting images for your therapy website, it can be tempting to go with the familiar choices of smiling, happy people. But, this can look superficial, especially if the same images are widely used elsewhere. Taking your time to choose interesting and engaging images is worth the effort as they will be seen by your prospective clients. Thinking creatively about the different image styles you could use to represent your clinic is essential to ensure they achieve the aesthetic you are aiming for.


Use Stock Images

Capturing original images with the help of a professional photographer is an excellent way to get the exact images you want for your website. However, if this isn’t possible, you could choose to use stock images. There are many picture sites that offer free to use images, such as Pexels and Pixabay. You have likely seen many of the free images that are available used on the websites of competing clinics. But, to ensure your website does not look the same as all the others, you could choose to buy stock images instead. When you purchase stock images, you will have a far more comprehensive selection to choose from, and it should be easier to find the exact type of images you are looking to add to your site. 

Whilst there are countless paid stock image libraries, there are also a number of quality free stock image libraries. Heres 3 of our favourite both free and paid:

Free stock image libraries:


Paid stock image libraries:


Pick the Perfect Size

Choosing images that are the correct size is vital. Having mismatched image sizes and shapes can make your website appear amateurish and deter from the professional look you are trying to create. Choosing images that are too small or so large that they dominate the entire page is also something to avoid. Instead, your images should be evenly aligned and spaced to ensure consistency.

Take care when playing around with the size of your images, as trying to make a small image larger or a large image smaller can distort the picture and cause it to pixelate. 

Selecting the perfect imagery for your therapy website may seem like a time-consuming task, but taking your time to find images that represent your business in the right way is essential. 

Generally speaking, small and medium images should be used and avoid “large” images from stock libraries.

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