How Therapists in the UK Can Benefit from AI to Attract More Clients

As technology continues to advance, it’s important for therapists in the UK to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques to help attract more clients. One of the most promising technologies that therapists can use to their advantage is artificial intelligence (AI). In this article, we’ll explore how therapists in the UK can make […]

All our web hosting now runs on 100% renewable power!

The internet costs a lot to power: over 400 terawatt-hours a year. While an individual website’s footprint is small, it all adds up: the internet is responsible for around 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s similar to the amount produced by the global airline industry.

Enterprise level protection for all our therapists

Website security

It’s a sad reality that websites are sometimes attacked, and for no good reason. Distributed denial of service (DDos) is a typical attack that floods a target website with traffic with the intent of making the website unusable. Many small to medium size web design and hosting companies bury their heads in the sand when […]

21 Marketing Tips for Your Therapy Practice

Marketing Tips for Therapists

Competition is everywhere and if you want to stand out it’s important to have a good marketing plan. It’s not as simple as word of mouth or just having a website and some social media accounts anymore. Competition is thick and you need to get ahead of the rest if you want to get more […]

7 Tips To Make Your Therapy Website Stand Out

The latest research shows that more people than ever before are reaching out to therapists. One study found that while one in five people sought the help of a psychotherapist or counsellor in 2010, this number has now increased to 28% or more than one in every four people. Demand for therapists across all sectors is growing, […]

The Importance Of Your “About” Page On Your Therapy Website

Just Be You

What happens if you don’t have an “About” page on your therapy website Many therapy business owners are cautious when it comes to putting information about themselves on their site to be freely available to the world, but not having a page dedicated to the relevant details about the business, along with a friendly photo […]

Which Colours To Use Or Avoid For Your Website

It’s no secret that colours can influence us physiologically and emotionally. Depending on your audience however, you will want to strategically choose colours to brand your site and make up your logo. The colours you choose will go a long way to subtly attract your ideal visitor and can ultimately influence whether they would like […]

Why Testimonials Are Important For Your Therapy Website

Does your website feature customer testimonials? If it doesn’t, you could be missing a valuable opportunity to grow your therapy business and attract new customers. Finding ways to attract more clients to their clinic is an issue that many therapy businesses struggle with. Marketing a therapy clinic is undoubtedly different from promoting most other business […]

Perfect Imagery For Your Therapy Website

Making your website stand out from the many other therapy websites out there can be challenging. Maintaining a professional approach while ensuring your site does not look uninspiring is a difficult balance to achieve. But, making your website visually engaging is an excellent way to overcome this issue and create an inviting place for potential […]

How a Newsletter Can Grow Your Therapy Business

Finding new ways to promote your services and reach prospective customers is something every therapist wants to achieve for their clinic. But, knowing how to do this can be pretty confusing. There are many ways to promote your business and reach potential customers, but finding a marketing method that is successful and doesn’t cost a […]