Bookings (Appointments, Services & Events)

The Bookings Feature is an all-encompassing bookings feature that allows your clients to book appointment calls, services and events whether free or paid.  

  • We setup your Booking Feature for you, so you are up and running fast and here to support you if you need help
  • Save time and fully automate clients booking with you whether calls, services or events – no more back and forth.
  • Clients can book telephone or zoom calls with you by picking your available day/time on a calendar. You set your available days / times and and can also block out dates.
  • Clients can book your services (unlimited) which can also be categorised and in multiple locations.
  • Clients can also book events – perfect for Gyms, Yoga Studios or any other type of classes where your clients can pay per class or on a monthly membership.
  • All booking types can be free or paid directly on the website so you can take partial or full payment before the appointment or service is carried out. Payments integrate with Paypal or Stripe.
  • Discount coupon feature also available.
  • You can also add unlimited staff members so clients can book with you or any other staff members.
  • Customizable notification and reminder emails
  • You can also book appointments for your clients in the backend if your customers book over the phone
  • Syncs with Google Calendar.
  • + many more features.

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Feature - Bookings (Amelia)

Your Information

Your Availability & Location

Your Services

Enter each service in one field. You can click + to add more fields for more services. Please specify the following in each field:

  • Service name
  • Duration i.e 1 hour
  • Location i.e face-to-face, Zoom, telephone
  • If free or price of service
  • What day(s) of the week the service is available

Zoom & Accepting Payments

We require a few zoom credentials from you so it can work with your booking calendar. Here's how to supply them to us: 

1. Visit and click "Sign in" top right to login

2. After logging in, top right again click "Develop" then "Build App"

3. On "Server-to-Server OAuth" click "Create" and name the App Amelia and click create again.

4. Copy the Account ID, Client ID and Client Secret and paste them into the form.

5. Click "Information" and add in the Company Name, and Developer Name and Email (can be your own)

5. Click "Scopes" and "Add Scopes" and then check the boxes for the following four scopes:

  • Meeting > View all user meetings
  • Meeting > View and manage all user meetings
  • User > View all user information
  • Users > View users information and manage users

and then click done.

6. Now click Activation and click "Activate your app".

We require both your PayPal Live Client ID key and Secret Key. Firstly, you must have a PayPal business account (not personal). If you have a personal account you can switch it to a business account by logging into PayPal and go to settings, and click "Upgrade to a Business account" and follow the steps. Assuming you have a business account, visit, click "Get API Credentials" yellow button and then login. Click the "API credentials" icon. Top right toggle from Sandbox to Live then click "Create App" and call the App name Bookings and click Create App. You can now copy the Client ID into the form and also the Secret Key into the form.

We require both your Stripe Live Publishable Key and Secret Key. To get both of these, login to your stripe account, then from the top right, ensure "test mode" is NOT enabled (ensure LIVE mode is enabled). Click "Developers" just to the left of test mode, and just below the Developers title you will see "API Keys". Copy the Publishable key and paste it in the form. Then click "Reveal live key" to reveal the secret key. Copy and paste it into the form. 

Price: £300.00
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